We have decided to stop our DVD production element from EIHA matches on as they take a long time to produce and the quality is not really that high in today’s world. We are getting more and more requests for a high quality version.

You will have 2 options for keeping copies

  1. Download the online match that streamed (usually a 720p quality).  You do that on this page as a £5 replay download. This is a cost of £5 but if you have already paid for the replay then this is taken off the price as we don’t expect you to pay again
  2. Order a Separate FULL HD version of the match:

The HD quality is full HD and in today's world this is a superb quality for you.

You just need to send us a payment for our time to do this which is £15

Making Payment – you simply need to use PayPal and send us some money to - you actually don’t need to have a PayPal account and you can just use this to send us money using your credit/debit card.

Once you have paid, email with details of the payment and the match you want (just to avoid mistakes) and we will send you a link.

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All times are in GMT/BST unless you have chosen a timezone. Times in grey which are shown are the local time at the event


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