The Queen’s Club, 24th – 28th April 2018

The Queen’s Club is proud to be hosting the Real Tennis World Championship 2018 (RTWC) and look forward to a toughly fought contest between Camden Riviere (current World Champion) and Rob Fahey (Challenger). The match will be the best of 13 sets with 4 sets played on 24th April, 4 sets played on 26th April and any remaining sets to be concluded on Saturday 28th April.

We are delighted to be able to offer those based overseas or unable to attend in person the ability to watch the action live via this streaming service.

Please select from days below for the option that most suits you or your Club. Pricing starts from £25. After selecting a day, you will have the opportunity to purchase all 3 Days Pass at a discounted price.

EIHA U11/U13 Conference

DVDs for sale at


We had some internet issues with the internet provided be Ice Sheffield  on site on Sunday so we will be loading all these recordings back up today from the 28th.  We understand you could watch but audio was out of sync and sometimes the video would just skip.

We also had the first 2 matches on the 27th experiencing issues due to the same issue on-site so we will again reload from the original recordings.

If you bought the Live matches for any of the 28th games or the 27th first 2 matches then we will provide you with the replay for free.

Apologies for this issue which may have spoilt your enjoyment of the action.

We are loading the replays right now so by midday Tuesday 30th, we expect them all to be ready. If you do experience any further issue then please let us know.

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RTWC Streaming (Saturday) - Saturday 28th April 2018 - Real Tennis World Championship 2018